Artist Statement

The distance between Madrid Adolfo Suarez and London Gatwick is 1,215.16km measured in a straight line. That space between the two cities is my space of transition, and it is this in-betweeness that interests me: how there is a physical ‘liminal space’ for each person.


In this age of global unity, people move away from their homes freely and become a virtual ghost, being able to skype with traces of themselves and the remaining empty space.


My work is a narrative that unfolds these subjects, discussing notions of globalisation, displacement of the true home and the longing for real space.


I use a variety of mediums to explore the ideas of liminality, how humans inhabit certain spaces and how they relate to the objects within these spaces. 

I work with images, breaking them down into fictional space to re-configure and arrange them alongside other elements.


The main concern within the work is to create an accommodating space, where the viewer can feel like they belong, temporarily.