l'île mystérieuse 


Mixed media

Dimensions variable

Shown at Ni si, ni no; ni blanco, ni negro 

They were off to their holiday break and they had packed the car right up: food, picnic tables, cushions and loads of expectations of what this trip could bring. They were escaping; they all had different grounds to do so, but they all knew that’s what they were doing (even it had never spoken about). 

They rushed through the highway to get as far as possible, the scenery changed and slowly it looked more isolated, deserted and warm, and by the point where the crash happened and after 8h of listening to techno music in silence it could have very well been Mars.


The lighting started at 23:46, the bodies - or parts of them - were spilled on the road gracefully making a beautiful image. They felt calm, now resting on the different parts and objects that had flown out from the car: a tongue liking the wet tarmac, two arms interlaced out of momentarily fear or a departed head still attached to a pillow. . They didn’t have to run anymore, it was all an exquisitely orchestrated escapade.