You are (always) here


300 x 120 x 30 cm  

digital print, tape and sound piece (duration 2h05min) 

A very important living room for me. some one used to sit on that armchair, and since its empty all I can think about is how the negative space or the trace of its occupant is equally important as when it was being used.  


It is key for the piece to be transitioning from one plane to the other and to have a 3D effect for the three-dimensionality of the piece, giving it at the same time a surrealist effect, very closely linked with the language of the unconscious. The sound coming out of the speakers is the duration of the flight between London Gatwick and Madrid Airport, adding to the idea of transition or the journey in between being awake and asleep or the one between being and not being.  

GTW-MAD - Unknown Artist
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